16 blocks of productivity

I like action movies. And I like productivity.

I don’t like violence. And I think the movies are extremely disconnected from reality.

I like most of the Bruce Willis movies. Die Hard is my absolute favourite. The Last Boy Scout. 16 blocks. Steven Seagal in Under Siege and many more.  And from the other side Collateral is a movie of getting things done and achieving of your dreams.

I am a cool guy, with a job I contracted to do. — Tom Cruise as Vincent in Collateral

Why? What this has to do with productivity?

A lot. The characters have the attitude. They stop talking and start acting. They have a problem and they are going to deal with the problem. Enough talking. Now it is time to find a way to get it done.

They start.

They take actions.

And they finish.


The characters have commitment and attitude.

Ok. It is a bit different. Your meetings would be shorter if terrorists threat your wife (or husband). And your to-do list would shorten quickly if you would escape from crooked cops.

However. Productivity is first about attitude and nothing else. Lazy, unmotivated, unproductive person does not turn to productive with tips, tools and books. He or she needs to have will, attitude and commitment first.

In 16 blocks Bruce Willis is burnt-out, tired, old police officer who has the job to be done. For him it would be easiest to let go. He has the commitment. He has job and he is going to do it. It is his job.

It is also a lot about leadership. Recognizing your key people. You need heroes in your organization. You forget it when times are good. Heroes are there to get the job done and put business back in order. They don’t care about roles. They want to fix things and they want to make things right.

Steven Seagal is just a chef. And he saves the world. And kills punch of terrorists. He wont say : “I am just a chef. My job is to do macaroni and cheese.”

Yeah, well… I also cook. — Steven Seagal as Casey Ryback in Under Siege

John McClane does not say : “I am just a cop. Nobody has taught me to stop these terrorists. I can’t do it.” Instead he finds a way and pulls it through. He does whatever it takes to get job done.

That is it. That is the difference between productivity heroes and the rest. That is the difference between the heroes in your organization and the rest. When there is chaos, uncertainty and panic. Heroes will deal with it. And you will find them from the places you least expect.

You need to have them, you need to find them, and you need to give them freedom and recognition.

Same with your own productivity. Forget the crap. Ge the job done. Be productivity hero.


  • Kirsten A. Womack

    I love the Forget the crap line! Its so true, the cut to the chase guy gets it all done.

  • http://www.chivonjohn.com/ Chivon John

    Great post! I’ve been spending some extra time this week focusing on my schedule and its so true that at the end of the day you just need to get to work.

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