16 life lessons from my life. Have I learned anything?

I started to write everything I believe in. You could call them life lessons. In 38 years I have learned these 16 lessons.

16 life lessons from my life. Have I learned anything?

16 Life lessons from my life.

1. Honesty is the easiest way to have an easy life. Clear conscience is the best sleeping pill.

2. Stay in the moment. Your life is today. Not yesterday or tomorrow. It is today.

3. Don’t talk bad things about others.

4. Praise the failure.

So much is left undone because of fear of failure. When you fail, you should take it as experience and try harder next time.

5. Nothing will happen if you wont do it.

6. Nothing will happen if you don’t tell it to anyone.

If you dream about something. It wont happen, if you wont tell it to anyone. If nobody knows what you want, what you can do and what are your skills.

7. You are the biggest obstacle.

8. There is nothing more important than you.

Take care of yourself first. If you are not feeling well, nobody close to you will. If you feel good, you have energy to help others.

9. Always try your best.

If you have tried your best. There is nothing to think about. That is it. You have tried your best.

10. I don’t need to know everything. Less I know, Happier I am.

11. Grass is not greener on the other side. It is just different. My life is not worse or better than others. It is just different.

12. Anything can be done. It is just matter of time and actions.

13. Nothing is as important than it seems on a first sight.

14. Things are not how they look or we believe they are.

15. Never ever believe second hand information.

16. The power of words is overly appreciated. With words you can cause so much damage simply because they are overvalued.


Do you have any life lessons?


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