Three rules for getting things done

Three rules for getting things done

Picture : Ramunas Geciauskas

The most difficult part is to keep up these principles and stay with them. You get so easily distracted in the office, which is full of disturbances and interruptions. However, these are good practices I try to follow.

Rule number one: two minutes

If task takes less than two minutes. Do it right away. David Allen had this in his GTD methodology long before I even knew GTD existed. Anyway, even though it is not originally my idea, I have used it successfully.

Rule number two: list two tasks every morning that you want to do

It is ridiculously difficult to get two things done. Choose small ones, otherwise you wont finish them and you will be even more frustrated.

Rule number three: Do most worrying tasks first.

If you bear something in your head, it will consume your energy. Solve and do the tasks that trouble you the most. It does not matter if they are work or home or something else. Take care of the worries first. You need to fix them in order to have space for other tasks.

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