Kill your habits and have more time. Stop reading news.

Reading news is a habit. It is a habit that does not actually serve any purpose.

Most of the news are bad.

There is no such thing than good news. For some reason we want to read bad news. Reading bad news does not make you feel better.

Kill your habits and have more time. Stop reading news.

Chris Golde

Most of the news have no value to you.

I did stop reading free newspaper distributed in trains which I use for commuting. It contains mostly news about local events, crimes, drunk drivers and local violence. I don’t need that information. It does not make me any wiser. It is not information that I need. It does not help me to grow anyway. It is not actually entertaining either. It is just a habit.

It is all about power, status and business.

Euro crisis, disasters, wars. Experts interviewed rarely bring you good news. They want to have status, they want to have power. They want to increase their business, rise the value of their organization or have more status. Fear has always been key factor increasing the power and keeping the power or even selling more goods. There needs to be an enemy or risk ahead that we listen.

Euro crisis, storms, diseases, computer viruses.

Most of news are not true or they are inaccurate.

The truth presented in the news is one sided, inaccurate version of the events created by journalists and news agencies. They create news which we want to watch and read. They create news for biggest audience, for biggest number of readers or watchers. They want to sell.

If you have ever worked with journalists, you know that the story in the newspapers might actually turn to be quit different from the truth. At slightest stories have mistakes. There are also people that are really good with the journalists. They can lobby stories that support their goals and are easy to write for journalists. It is bargain for both.

Shortly. Kill the habit of reading news. Don’t stop following the news.

Reserve time slot for reading or watching news. Use critical mind set and think what you see. Use quality media and still don’t believe everything that is said. Stop clicking headlines and reading short news – read quality news articles instead or even blogs of experts you have chosen. Don’t stop your work or day with quick peeks to newspapers or news sites. You don’t need to be up to date every second.

Read your news with Zite  when commuting or before going to sleep. ..and if you can’t resist you can always use StayFocusd.

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