Stay focused with stayfocusd

Stay focused with stayfocusd

You might have read my post “Kill your habits and have more time. Stop reading news“.

My habit was reading dull news. When I did go to news site, I knew it is not going to do any good for me, but still in times of boredom I did it. I filled my break with reading news, mainly headlines and I was wondering why I do it. I was not even interested of the topics that existed on those sites.

I do not have Facebook account, which I am ready to explain later why not, but for some Facebook is habit – almost addiction. Stayfocusd could help you to get rid of that habit.

Stay focused with stayfocusd

Still four minutes left for Facebook status update.

Stayfocusd is Chrome Browser extension that helps you to stay productive. You can set time limits how much time you can spend on restricted sites. Once you have exceeded the time you have set, you are not allowed to visit the sites during the day.

Sounds naive? Yes it does, but it works. If you are really addicted you will probably start using Firefox instead of Chrome to avoid restrictions. I am so faithful Chrome user that I have not even thought using other browsers just because I would like to visit restricted sites, but if you do, you could check LeechBlock. It is similar add-on for Firefox than Stayfocusd.

Stay focused with stayfocusd

10 minutes allowed.

Stayfocusd works so well that I have thought some other usage for it.

What if I would uninstall email client and start using webmail. 30 minutes for webmail per day – so that email would not ruin my day and I would be forced to use other communication.

Or 30 minutes for our office wiki. So that I would write my documentation quickly without extra phrases.

Perhaps I should reserve only 15 minutes for paying my bills in web bank?

Stay focused with stayfocusd

Finally I did get caught. That is it for the day. I should donate, I don’t have anything else to do now either.

photo credit: The Hamster Factor via photopin cc

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