What is good for stress? Change your mind five different ways and have no stress

Stress is in your mind. Change your mind and have no stress. Here is my top five list for what is good for stress.

Almost everything is insignificant

It is true. Almost everything is insignificant. You do not need to be depressed to think like that.

You may have heard observation called “Pareto Principle”. It claims that 80% of the results are produced by 20% of the causes. I can prove that the observation is not true in all areas of life, and it is not supposed to be either, but still it is really good rule of thumb, and it is really good to keep in mind when thinking what to do next. Most of the things we do, have no meaning, have no value and produce no results. You sure need to think that you pick right things to do.

If only 20% of actions cause results, it does not matter if you fail or even left something undone. You should ask what is the worst thing that happens if your task fails? The answer is in my area of business – nobody is going to die – so why worry.

Most of the stress comes through shame. You are afraid of failing, you do not know how something is going to end and when you leave it in your mind, you wont be in control either. It is circle that you need to break.

What is good for stress? Change your mind five different ways and have no stress

You need to identify the matters that bother you and cause the stress and make them priority one

This is how I work. Everything that bothers you, need to be dealt as soon as possible. My to do list has section one, which is my worry list. I will include everything that worries me to the list, and work first with the items that cause me anxiety.

That is it. I ignore all the priorities, I always deal the matters that bother me. Home, work or anything.

Your mind needs to be empty. You need to have space to work and be creative. You wont have space, if you do not make it.

You are in control most of the things that happen in your life

When you have feeling of beeing stuck. Do something. Nothing will change immediately, but it will if you act.

You might still be stuck, but you have acted, and it will make big difference in feeling. If you apply for a new job, you get in, but you wont take it – you still feel like a winner. You have done something, you have had few moments of power, and you might have created new contacts that will help you in the future.

If you get rejected, think like salespeople. They did not reject you. They rejected your offer and you need to make better offer next time – or perhaps the new job was not right for you.

You should only worry about significant things

..and there are not many of those. You need to think what is important to you and then make sure you do not need to worry about it. Your family, your health? Pick any, and make sure you do not need to worry.

Nothing needs to happen today, but it does not mean it would not happen

The fact is that everything takes time. If you wont get what you want today, it does not mean it wont happen ever. You need to act more. It is all about actions. If you do not act, nothing will happen.

Hopefully you now have more ideas for what is good for stress. What do you think?


photo credit: Stephen Poff via photopin cc

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