Have no excuse – Can’t is no excuse

Have no excuse and boost your performance.

We all make excuses. Have no excuse and you will be the king of productivity.

I can’t do it because, I don’t know how – then find out!
I can’t do it because, I have never done it – there is always the first time!
I can’t do it because, I am not trained to do it – who did train the trainer?
I can’t do it because, it has not worked before – and you will fail always like doomed?
I can’t do it because, it is not my responsibility – says who?

Stop making excuses. Just do it!

There is always room for excuses. There are two kinds of people. People that make excuses and people who get things done. There is no way to know if something is possible, if it is not tried.

How many times you have NOT done something because of an excuse? After you have started and finished, you wonder why you have not done it earlier?

There is a big difference in sentences: I can’t do it and I will try to do it.

Let’s make it clear with the video

I am not really big fan of motivational videos. This video is an exception. I did find it from Bret Simmons blog. Bret Simmons is professor at the University of  Nevada.

When you are in the right mood, motivational videos will boost your performance and make you think.

Mike Alt created this video. Mike Alt  is a student of Bret. Mike did create video in  personal branding class.

Great start for personal branding! Can’t is no excuse.

Here is the link to the original post in Brets Blog.


photo credit: woodleywonderworks via photopin cc

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