How to improve concentration – be Usain Bolt of productivity

How to improve concentration? Sometimes even the smallest tasks take huge struggle. You are in constant race with interruptions. Your own concentration will challenge you.

You are not required to be productivity superhero. It is enough that you are Usain Bolt of productivity, which is right next to being productivity Batman or that big green man Hulk.

Try to finish your task like Usain Bolt runs 100 meters. Don’t let anything get in to your way. Show your fighting spirit on the start line and when you finish, let everyone know you are the star.

How to improve concentration be Usain Bolt of productivity

So, prepare for your battle. Usain Bolt wont run long distance runs. He is sprinter. You are productivity sprinter.

How to improve concentration and get tasks done?

- Pick a task you can finish in 20 minutes. If your task will take longer, you need to split it.

- Make sure you have all the tools ready and sharpened. Make sure your laptop is fully charged and you have everything on your desk. Usain Bolt would not run without shoes, you should not either.

- Take cover. Since interruptions will be in your way in any case. Make anything possible to stay on track. Interruptions are like side steps. You cannot go over the line. If you do, you will be disqualified. Make sure you close email, Facebook, twitter and all instant messengers.

- Attitude is everything. Bolt is there to win. He is there to make a record. So should you!

- In this race you can take false start. It is even better, if you have completed before others or before the interruptions try to win you. Don’t wait for others, just do it.

How to improve concentration seriously

Seriously speaking. One method to get something done, is to do it no matter what. Sounds stupid and simple, but it is like it is. You pick task and set your mind to finish it. Work with the task until the task is done. Don’t do anything else.

In order to succeed, you need to prepare.

- Make sure your task is simple enough. It cannot take longer than 20 minutes.
- Make sure you have everything you need to finish the task
- Then kick in. If you are interrupted, ignore the interruptions and say that you will come back in less than 20 minutes.
- If you are tempted to interrupt, say to yourself, still few minutes, then this is done.
- If you fail constantly, you need to shorten the time and split your tasks even more.
- I am not sprinter, but I bet Usain thinks while running “Still few meters, then I am the winner”. You should do the same. Still few things, then I am the winner!

Taking productivity sprints feels good. Repeat these sprints and get better all the time. You are the next Usain Bolt of productivity.

Photo credit to Brick Lane Graffiti Usain Bolt by Martin Pettitt, on Flickr

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