24 observations from office life and from life in general

observations-of-office-lifeAfter almost 20 years in office life, and almost 40 years in life, here is a small part of the learnings I’ve gathered.

  1. People who make the difference create their own rules.
  2. The change does not happen by following the process.
  3. Leadership has nothing to do with title or position
  4. Wrong persons in leadership positions can ruin your organization. Quickly. Faster than organisation, they ruin people.
  5. Not many things really matter. Make sure you know what matters.
  6. Focus on opportunities, not difficulties or failures
  7. People who talk about leadership rarely show us true leadership. People who don’t talk about it, can have the courage and leadership skills beyond imagination.
  8. We search leadership from places where it belongs, but usually it’s found elsewhere.
  9. Negative people don’t advance in their career. Negativity can kill your career.
  10. If you say yes all the time, it’s easy to advance in your career – but difficult to do what you really want
  11. If you want to advance in your career, don’t do that much. Doers are difficult to replace and moving them to new positions is painful for their managers.
  12. Trust and credibility is easier to build with less words.
  13. You rarely get what you deserve. ..and what you think you deserve, is not equal what your boss thinks you deserve.
  14. Nothing will happen, if you won’t start.
  15. You can have meetings and discussions forever….forever….forever .. and still nothing gets done.
  16. Never ever wait promises to happen. Make sure they happen.
  17. Nothing you’ll get in life or nothing you’ll get from your employer will make you happy. You need to have progress. Progress will make you happy.
  18. Work motivation isn’t only about work and tasks. The motivation is a much wider issue.
  19. Don’t rule out possibilities, just because your current life is safe.
  20. Never outsource recruitment to someone else. It’s you who is hiring, not the recruitment consultant.
  21. You’ll  become like the people around you. Make sure you work and live your life with the right people.
  22. Ideas build up and have babies. Rarely the first idea is the best, but when you connect few ideas you’ll create something magnificent.
  23. Everything is in your hands, don’t blame others for your problems.
  24. You work (at least) 8 hours and use some time for commuting. Make sure you enjoy the time you use for work, since it’s away from things you enjoy or could enjoy.

Do you disagree? Anything to add?

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