4 everyday choices that will bring you more time

Productivity is not how much you do as much as it is what you don’t do.

Ignore is important word for your personal productivity. You need to have focus and focus only on the right things.

 4 everyday choices that will bring you more time

I have done few intentional choices to give me more and better time.

1. Don’t sync email to your phone.

The day is long and there is enough time for your e-mail. There is no need to sync it to your phone. Most phones are not practical for emailing either – and if you don’t answer the email when you read it, you will forget it.

This choice in my life is more for my peace of mind than for productivity.

2. Limit time in Facebook.

I did join Facebook recently. It has become important media to connect people and that is why I joined. I felt that I miss something if I don’t have the account, but that was not the case.

It seems we all have our own beautiful life which we like to share. And true friend is curious about your life – but not Facebook friend. I want to share the best moments to people I care and I hope they also appreciate my good moments.

Facebook is time consumer. It will eat all your time and more..

3. Don’t watch tv passively

There is a big difference how you watch tv. You can turn tv on and start watching anything tv channels broadcast ..or you can pick the series or movies you watch.

When you reserve the time for watching the series or movies, it will become active and more enjoyable moment.

4. Don’t read news

There is no way you can block news completely out of your life and you should not.  You will hear and see news everywhere. But I don’t read newspapers or browse to news sites. I have even blocked most of the local news sites with browser extension.

There is no need to follow every single accident, crime, catastrophe or war in the world all the time. You should care, but it is not true caring if you tune in to follow the latest updates on earthquakes and hurricanes. True caring is that you act.

Nothing will happen if you wont read news. Nothing.



photo credit Flickr Nanny Snowflake

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.brewer.9216 Emily Brewer

    These are some great tips. I never really though about some of them, but they are things I actually do already (except the facebook one). Limiting Facebook time or staying focused on it is like staying focused when I use Pinterest. It just doesn’t happen for me, but I like it as rejuvenation and learning time to find out what other people are doing and connect with them.

    • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala

      Many of the productivity and life tips in general are like that. They are obvious or we already act according to them, but we don’t realize. When you become aware, you can actually get more out of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/NancyNorbeck Nancy Norbeck

    I love that you include news here. I get plenty of news through friends, colleagues, and the morning radio. If something really important happens, there’s not a chance I will miss it unless I go live in a cave somewhere.

    I also smiled at the email suggestion. Just last night I was wondering what would happen if I turned off the data on my phone for a week. I might do it, just as an experiment. I bet it would drive me absolutely nuts for a day or two, and then I’d adjust. The question is whether I’d adjust within that week or not. It might be quicker than I think (I took a one-month Facebook vacation a few years ago and it was glorious–and it didn’t take very long at all to get used to it!).

  • Eleanor Prior

    EMAIL…. is what kills me every time along with FB I will go into post for a client and then it is an hour later.. Great tips

  • http://www.gypsystreasures.com/ Kimberly “Gypsy” LoSavio

    I stopped watching the news years ago. I had to. I just could not do it anymore. I still wonder how my grandparents and parents were able glue themselves to the tv in the early morning, dinner time and bedtime to watch the news EVERY SINGLE DAY. It’s mind boggling to me now. I probably won’t disconnect my email from my phone, as I use my phone to “work” when I don’t have access to my laptop. I even use my phone to write drafts for my blog.

    I do agree that FB is a time waster. I am pretty proud of the fact that I haven’t played any of those addicting games in over a year and a half now. Stopped cold turkey. My poor farm LOL However, I use facebook to interact not only with distant family and friends, but also with clients, colleagues and my tribe. I use the Pomodoro concept (25 minutes on, 5 minutes off) for many of my work and home “chores” and it’s worked out well. But one has to be very disciplined. I admit I am also a “bright and shiney object” kind of gal and will get lost in the crazy world of FB, Pinterest and Twitter. But I can also say WHOA … time to take a break.

    Great tips, Rami! And welcome to the Ultimate Blog Challenge :D

  • http://blog.relenta.com/ Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

    Yes to all of the above! Plus #5: Define what you need more time for and then just take it (or do it). You will automatically stop doing all the stuff that you supposedly don’t want to be doing… otherwise why would you want more time in the first place?

    Awesome blog Rami!

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