5 questions that will save time and money

Last week I had my winter vacation. I was planning to write blog posts every day, but it is not easy to be productivity blogger and have vacation. Your time goes to family business and your vacation goes with it. I am happy of the results of the vacation though.

Highlights of my vacation:

1. I was able to feed my kids for five days

Yes. I am not acclaimed cook, but I managed and my kids are alive. If I would attend Hell’s Kitchen Gordon would scream his voice off. My kids were not screaming.

2. I was able to set up my home office.

I have now my corner in the house with desk, computer desk and shelve. Nothing fancy and the price was zero. I would not call it as room. It really is a corner.

3. I did create site for free games.

Yes, I have my gaming site now. Cool! I am happy. It was easier than I thought. Perhaps I will create own blog for setting up gaming sites 😉 There is still a lot to do, but the site is available with games waiting to be played.

A bit controversial to have productivity blog and anti-productivity gaming site, but I am in a road to do whatever I like. Live my legend.

Leave a comment if you would like to see the site 😉

It is interesting to get attention from your kids. Specially my third daughter is excited. She plays a lot free online games and now she has kind own site as well.

4. I was able to arrange storage space for toys of my youngest daughter

I did spent two days for building storage shelves and putting toys in the plastic boxes. It looks nice now. My wife commented “Looks like kindergarten”. I guess that was positive comment.

During those two days I was close to the real reasons of why I am doing it, but managed to stay positive. I was spending time and money to store toys! I should not say that in productivity blog. I will lose my authority.

..and now to the lesson part of this post.

save money

Decluttering is important for time and productivity

I have spent huge amount of time to just move stuff around. And I will spend time for moving stuff also in the future.

Having less stuff, makes your life easier and saves your time. First you buy something you think is so important. When it gets old, it will move to your storage, garage or basement. And then for next five years you will every year move it to different place in your storage, because that is what men do..

I am really lousy to throw anything away. I have the classic I-will-fix-it-later-syndrome. If something breaks, I will think that I will fix it later. And I NEVER do. It is in the storage for several years and then it goes to trash bin.

Decluttering will save time and money

So, my advise to poor declutterers. Ask these questions before you buy anything. These questions will save time and money as well.

When you are about to buy something, ask…

1. Do you have same item already? If you have, why can’t you use the old one?

2. If you can’t use the old one for some odd reason, where you are going to put the old item? Before you buy, get rid of the old one. ALWAYS! Throw it away, give it to someone or sell it.

3. How often you are going to use the item? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Less? Don’t buy it if you don’t use it. Borrow, rent or live without it.

4. How you have been able to live without the item so far?  Why do you need it now?

5. Think how often you use it and divide the price with the amount of usage.

Let’s say that you will buy lawnmower and you are going to cut your lawn 10 times per year. (We have winter here, you know) If the lawnmower costs 200 dollars (or euros), the usage of the lawnmower will cost 20 dollars each time (+gas). If it lasts 5 years, it is only 4 euros.

Understanding the cost of usage, will reduce the will to buy..

Don’t buy anything to your garage or basement. Buy only things that you will really use. Moving stuff is one of the most stupidest ways to use your time. Trust me. I know. I have done that.

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