5 simple steps to really get something done


focus-get-things-doneIf you want to achieve incredible good results and boost your productivity. Use these five steps to meet great performance.


1. Find value

After you have chosen your task you should think what is the value of the task. Is it visible? If nobody is ever going to notice difference, you might be wasting your time. Invisible tasks are safe, since you will never get judged if you fail. ..but what is the value? If it is hidden in invisibility you might as well not to do it.


Does it affect anything? What will be better after you have done it? What will happen if you do it? Is it like snowball that starts to grow when going downwards the hill? If you don’t know, do something more important first.


Answer these two questions: Is your task visible and does it have effect?



2. Simplify

When you have chosen your task. Think if you could simplify it. Can you make it somehow smaller? Can you split it. You don’t need to do everything at once. Do small parts and then move forward.



3. Focus

Arrange possibility to focus. If you have few hours of focused time, you will achieve anything. You can go elsewhere, reserve meeting room or stay home and finish your task.

Build the possibilities to focus and when you have them available take the sprint.


4. Start

Start your task. You should celebrate your success, but when you start something, you should make fuzz as well. Even if you are alone in the room, raise the spirit. Make few sounds. Collect adrenaline and rage for your task sprint.


5. Finish

Finish always what you start. After you have started your task, your main goal is to finish it. Task is not done before it is finished.

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