6 iOS apps that give you superpowers

Following is a Guest post from my friend Vaclav. You can find his author information under the post.

14191993919_534aa6f892_zRead fast like Superman

Reading fast is one of the noticeable superpowers Superman has. He opened the book and flipped through it with light speed knowing everything what’s written in it. Speed reading is actually a skill which could be learnt. Normal people read somewhere around 300 words per minute. Speed readers can read 1000 wpm.

World speed reading record is 4251 wpm.

There is actually an app which can help you speed read without a need of learning anything. Its name is Textio and it allows you to read comfortably 600 words per minute by showing only one word at a time. Words are specially aligned so don’t need to move your eyes. E-books could be imported from various sources.

Know everything and understand foreign languages

Knowing everything and understanding languages is a dream of many people. Maybe you don’t realize how easy it is to access universal knowledge. You probably do it every day.
Just open you Safari and type you question. F.e. “How far is the Sun?”, “Who killed Kennedy?” Okay, maybe not this one. Anyway, you can ask Google pretty much anything and there is a huge chance you find your answers.

If you desire to understand languages, download Google Translate. It also has a function to
catch spoken language and translate it instantly. You just tap microphone icon and speak or let speak your foreign friend. After you tap loudspeaker, Google says out loud translated text.

Control your mood instantly

There is one superhero which can easily control his mood – especially his anger. His name is Hulk… Or not? No it was the opposite. Actually I don’t remember any superhero that has this power maybe Dr. Manhattan?

But it would be great not to be affected by anger or other negative moods. There is actually a way how to convert 100% of negative energy into 100% positive energy. You probably know it. It’s called meditation and yoga.

And there is an app for that too. If you don’t want to learn yoga you can try Quick Relaxation app, which guides you how to overcome negative vibe in you body in short 5 minutes.

It guides you through the process and plays white noise which relaxes you even more.

Hulk like strength

We talked about Hulk and his uncontrollable anger. Great value in his anger is that it gives him
inhuman strength. I don’t want you to be angry or anything but if you want to be fit and have
strength you must exercise.

For this purpose there is an amazing and simple app called 7 minutes.

It guides you through whole exercise which is pretty simple and doesn’t require more than normal chair and a wall. Great feature is that it alerts you every now and then for you not to forget to have your healthy exercise.

Fly like Ironman

Flying is one of the dreams of humanity for ages. In 1903 Wright brothers were the first able to accomplish heavier-than-air human flight. Since then we went pretty far and now we are flying tospace. However wouldn’t it be great to fly without any flying machine? Now you can.

Flying just with your body is possible in your dream. You probably experience that amazing feeling when you were flying in your dreams. You can fly every night. Just learn skill called lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is complex but pretty intuitive and easy to learn skill anybody can learn.
More info could be found at http://www.dreamviews.com/ forum. If you want to experience lucid
dream the easiest way is to use lucid dreaming app. One of the best is DreamZ, which lightly wakes you up so you can later enter a lucid dream. The key is to think about the last scene from the previous dream and when you got back to perform reality check.

What is reality check? Use your superpowers to find out :-)

Photo credit JD Hancock

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