9 steps to better work motivation

9 steps to better work motivationI admit. I have once quitted because of the CEO.

He was constantly blaming people for bad success of the company.

Instead of good and simple strategy, he accused the people who worked for him. He had no answers. He had no vision, instead he complained and blamed.

I was so troubled that I did quit.

CEO was not part of my daily work. I did see his emails and rarely listened his speeches. Resignation was not reasonable thing to do – but it felt good. I followed my heart and good things followed me.

I have always liked my work. I have been lucky to work in places where work is really fun. My unhappiness at work has rarely nothing to do with the actual work. If you like your work, it is really unnecessary to be unhappy or unmotivated.


If you want to keep your mood and work motivation high, follow these rules:


1. Stay in the moment

There is nothing in history or future that should affect your current work motivation. History is history and future is not today. Both are just periods in time and you should not think them now.


2. Focus on your own work and goals. Always try your best.

If negativity tries to sneak in your mind, push it away. Make sure you concentrate to your own actions and not to negativity.


3. Stop thinking what others do

Only the persons close to you matter, but there is a limit. Try to affect first and then retrieve and tolerate. You can try later again.


You can disagree, state your different opinion, try to affect, but don’t lose your motivation because of others.


If you have slacker in the team, who does not work enough, who does not perform, don’t let him to take the work motivation from you.


 4. Stop thinking what others think about you

Think about bullet one. That is it. You have tried your best.



5. Stop thinking how much others do

I have done huge amount of voluntary work for free. Hundreds of hours during last year. When you are working with good will without benefits, you hear constantly comparisons how much others do and how much others don’t do.


If you spent your time comparing how much you work compared to others, you should stop working immediately. It is not worth it. It is never equal amount. Specially if you are working for free, but same applies to any workplace.

The amount of work is not equal and it should never be. People have different capacity and they perform differently. If you are high performer, you would not be happy, if you would do same amount than the low performer. Low performer is never able to achieve same than you, no matter how much you would push.


6. Stop thinking what others have or what they get

Work motivation, good mood and happiness has nothing to do what others have or how much they earn.

There is always someone who earns more than you. Always. Why it should affect your motivation?


7. Define your own reward

You cannot change your salary or define bonus system – at least you cannot do it quickly.

Define your own reward. When you have done something well. Celebrate. Say it loud : “I am so good”! It is odd how praising yourself, actually affects how you feel.

8. Don’t talk negative. Don’t say bad things about others.

Stop complaining, whining and blaming. Negative thoughts and talks are no good. There is no point of keep the negative talk on going. It is all about you, not about others.


9. Avoid negative people. 

Stay away from negative people. Don’t get fooled in to the negativity. Be with people who think like you or can teach you something.


Stay away from people who drain you. Stay with people who give you energy.



Work motivation is about you. Your motivation is in your own circle and you should protect it. If you like your work and like what you do, don’t let anything external get in the way.

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