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I’ve picked three topics to this blog: Leadershiplife and productivity. Why these three topics? Because they belong together.

I’ll give you everything I know, everything I find, everything I learn and everything I experience in productivity, leadership and life.

With that information you can become better in productivity, leadership and life. If you will become better, I know I will as well.

That is why I blog.

Daily Productivity Habit:

Daily productivity habit is about to become my first product of this blog. It started with my frustration to my to-do list that helped me to remember tasks, but it did not help me to reach goals, avoid stress or focus to the tasks that are most important.

I started to develop simpler than simple tool that would help me to achieve the big goals.

You can start reading from How to finally get rid of your to-do-list.

Here are some of my popular posts:

My Story

I was frustrated in my productivity, in my life and in my work.

Then I got it. I did understand what this all is about. How to get rid of the frustration and take control. How everything is about you. About you and nothing else. How you can make almost anything happen.

It wont happen, if you don’t do it. It wont happen if you wait or don’t do it. And there is nobody else to blame than you. It is not circumstances or your current life or your skills.

Make the circumstances. Practise and learn the skills. It will take time and courage. You need to move where you stay to go forward. me productivity is not just productivity. Productivity is a tool for better life.



profile2I am Rami.

During last two years I have changed. I have started to search stable state of mind and life where I am fully in control. Productivity is a tool in that search. For me productivity is major tool to feel better. It reduces stress but it also gives you good feeling of accomplished things.

While I have changed my mind and started to work for myself and for my own personal goals, I have started to enjoy what I do.


I have family with four daughters, wife and two  three cats.

..and NO – I am not productivity superhero or productive super dad. I am usual guy, that drives towards better productivity. Not to produce more, but to feel better. I recently wrote in my introduction that “I think being productive is everyday battle that can be won, but it needs to be  won again and again”

I think life is small things, moments and actions that are everywhere. You need to find them!

I have worked 16 years in software development support functions. I have led teams, worked alone and worked in teams. I am always excited to work with challenges, find creative ideas and make change in organization. I am really in to good customer service, no matter if customer is internal or external customer. ..and I love people who have drive, will, skill and who deliver.

I will be posting regularly about productivity,  leadership and life.

Read my personal post about why I started my own productivity blog.

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