Anxiety & Stress: The Cost of Raising Productivity

This post is a guest Post from Ryan Rivera. Ryan has helped several years people with anxiety, stress, panic attacks and related issues. His work has been featured in TV and radio shows. He also runs his own site

Anxiety & Stress: The Cost of Raising ProductivityThe heaviest thing that a person has to carry is not the load of his work but the feeling of hopelessness that he will never get it done. When a person is overwhelmed with tasks, every process seems confusing; every little distraction becomes troubling and every action is tasking. This is the current disease that modern people are afflicted with. The lack of foresight and confidence has driven a lot of people over the edge. What they fail to see is that productivity is an adaptable skill. It can be molded and improved to fit the person’s needs. The question is how.

The myth of productivity

Productivity is defined as the person’s efficiency in delivering results. The common thinking is that people have limited productivity, which is not true. Man has the advantage of learning from experience and improving his skills in the process. This goes the same with productivity. Everyone starts with limited knowledge and average skill, but as more experience is accumulated, these attributes are honed. The expertise will raise the person’s ability in producing output. This gift is only capped with physical limitations, but the chance is there.

When people fail to be productive

The trigger to improve productivity is challenge. If a person challenges himself with harder and greater tasks, it pushes him to be more efficient and smarter in the way he does things. This increases productivity and improves quality in the long run. Most people would avoid the challenge and be contented to stay in their comfort zones. The challenge of raising productivity is going out of the comfort zone and braving up for more.

The tricks of raising productivity

The process is not without risks. In trying to raise productivity, the person is also at risk of getting burned out and of overestimating oneself. There have been many reports of people who suffered harm and injury because of overworking. Stress and anxiety are just a few of the deadly consequences if a person overburdens himself. Stress managers always emphasize the importance of one’s health over career. Luckily, there is a way to up one’s performance without sacrificing health.

Raising productivity is as significant as being efficient in learning new skills. It also needs proper awareness of one’s limits and skills. Here are some important points to remember.


  • Know your potential – The first step in raising productivity is a careful assessment of one’s talent and skill. A lot of people significantly improve after they tap their hidden potential. What skills are you capable of doing? Which of these suits you best? What is your strength when it comes to performing the job? Employs who start as a rank and file do not stay as such forever. Others become supervisors. Some reach the managerial post. How? By being open to opportunities that show what more they can do. Taking on a project, accepting a greater responsibility, facilitating in team buildings, and sharing ideas are some basic examples.
  • Build confidence – Going into new ventures requires courage and confidence. If a person wants to be more productive, the first step is building confidence to be better. Succumbing to the thought that a task is unachievable is the usual mistake that people commit. This hinders them from reaching their true potential. Even if you are faced with new a task, something that you are not familiar with, believe that with proper training and exposure, you can do it exceptionally well. Know your worth and don’t short change yourself.
  • Invest in learning – It is important to commit to the goal. Every growth and development should be valued as a learning process. Track each improvement and find ways to apply it on other tasks.
  • Learn efficiency – Efficiency is the art of producing results with the least effort. Productivity goes hand in hand with efficiency. Efficiency is also the answer on how to balance health and career. Proper time and task management will go a long way in helping a person sustain and improve productivity.

Businesses value productivity highly. As progress measures a company’s success, productivity shows a man’s worth.


Photo Credit Flickr and Rana Ossama

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