Are you using these life changer apps?

Are you using these life changer apps?

Some apps change your life. I have found these apps and services to be life changers.


Dropbox (


Everyone is using Dropbox, right?

I find it easiest way to have documents and sometimes photos available in all my devices. I even have temporary folder in Dropbox. When I download something from the internet. I place it to dropbox. I am sure I have the file in all devices, if I need it.

Do you have occasional need to share photos to someone? What is the easiest way to share them?

Drop them to Dropbox Photos folder and share the folder to your friend. Dropbox will arrange slideshow of your photos that can be viewed with browser.


Evernote (


Have I praised Evernote enough. It is the tool I use the most.

I do all my writing with Evernote.

Here are few of my Evernote posts. How I blog while commuting or how I use to keep my to-do-list in Evernote.

I even created my Homemade Twitter automation with Evernote.


Lastpass (

Lastpass is a tool for storing your passwords and entering them automatically in your browser window. It also offers security checks for your passwords and secure password protected notes.

Clients are available for most of the devices. Some of them are free, some are behind small fee.

Lastpass claims that they have no way to open your password files, if you happen to loose the master password.


Zite (

(Available for iPhone and iPad)

Zite is my favorite “news” provider. It try to avoid reading news as much as I can.

In Zite you can pick topics you are interested and tell if you like them or not. Articles and stories are collected all over the internet.

Over time Zite learns what you like to read and picks you more reading from the selected and liked topics.


What are your life changer apps?


Have you tried these unusual productivity apps?

Photo credir Flickr Veronica Belmont

  • Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

    My life-changing app, not surprisingly, is the app I created: Relenta. Our tagline is “CRM for people who get things done.” CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

    Here’s our story.

    It all started in 2004 as an in-house project when we were working on another project which we’ve since abandoned.

    At some point, we got just couldn’t stand having customer data spread across a number of email accounts, apps, platforms and browser windows.

    We thought an integrated email, contact and task manager might help reduce the busy work. As it turned out, simply by combining email and CRM functions we cut our workload in half. The improvement was nothing short of breathtaking.

    This idea is summarized in our web commercial:

    • Rami Rantala

      That was a bit commercial ;-) But nevertheless it is a great story and I really respect that you have created solution and business for the actual problem you had! It is great!

      • Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

        Haha thanks Rami that was 110% commercial I make no excuses :)

  • Marek Kulesza

    And soon you will be using SmartTM app :)
    as Evernote choice us for Best Business app in 2013 edition of theirs DevCup!

  • Alex Galindo

    I cannot live without Dropbox, Evernote and Lastpass, I have been using them for some years now…Those are life changers specially evernote… I use Pulse for news, I will give Zite a try, thanks for sharing

    • Rami Rantala

      Yes, I agree. Those three apps are really life changers!

      I will try Pulse, that I have missed somehow..

      Thank you for the comment.

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