Awesome speeches from three generals (VIDEO)

I am complete pacifist and peace lover. I don’t think war or violence is ever the solution to anything. In my wildest dreams I would like to see sometimes scenario where the same amount of money that goes to wars, would be used for improving the living standard of attacked country.

Anyway, I must admit there is something in generals. I am not fan of army leadership either, but the greatest generals have lots of wisdom and when going gets tough leadership, decisions and stress handling is really needed.

I followed the career of David Petraeus and his success and strategies in different places until his not so glamorous fall.

Here are three great speeches by generals. Even if you would disagree, I admire how they keep their speeches.

First one is Australian general giving extremely strong statement about sexual harassment.

Colin Powell about kids and Structure.

Chief of Defence of The Netherlands Peter van Uhm talks about why he believes we need guns  for peace.



Photo Credit Flick and thejointstaff

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