Be brutally honest and five other instructions for coping with stress

I am constantly trying to find balance in my life. How to feel better and how to have calm state of mind. I follow these six rules and when I start to feel stress I will check if I have followed my own rules. These principles will help in coping with stress, but also how you feel in your life.

Be brutally honest and five other instructions for coping with stress1. Honesty

Be always honest. Being honest is easiest way to have healthy mind. If you are always honest there is nothing to think about afterwards. I am always brutally honest – but I wont go everywhere to share my truths. Sometimes it is better to be silent.


2. Stay in moment

Your life is now. It is not in the past. It is not in the future. Your life may change in future, but you wont know if it is good or bad. You think that future is better, but you wont know it. Anything can happen. It might be that tomorrow you will win one million in lottery, but it might be that at the same time you will get lethal brain tumor.


3. Constantly think what is really important

Think what is really important. Only important matters matter. Your family is important. Your health is important. Your goals perhaps. Not every single small thing is important and if it is not important there is no reason stress about it.


4. Work your worries

If you worry something fix it. Fix it immediately. Make sure that you will take care of the problem. Do whatever you can to solve the problem and return to your calm mind. Never spend your energy worrying or stressing about something. Work until you are stress free. Take care of it. Solve the problem. Finish the task. Make extra check that you can sleep well and you know the problem will go away.

5. Always try your best

If you always try your best, there is nothing to be sorry about. If you have always tried your best and you know it. The rest will follow. If it does not you know what you did.

6. You are you. That is it.

You are not your circumstances. You are not your co-workers. You are not people around you. You are you. Do not never ever let anyone else to define who you are.

 Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde

Nobody is perfect. You need to constantly work on the items and keep them in mind. When you are not feeling the best you could reflect on these. Have you remembered to follow them all?


Photo credit Andy Newson

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