Best People Become Desperate, Burnout and Quit

Sometimes I lose it. I lose it completely. I fall in to negativity. Undone business makes me desperate. I start to whine, blame and I am threatening to stop everything. Tempting idea, where I would resign, clear table and start all over again.

There is some truth behind. Things, tasks and duties become too overwhelming. The feeling is greater than the reasoning. The fact is that I should be able to clear my mind. None of the tasks need to be resolved on same minute. Nobody is going to die because I am not doing something.


Mostly desperation grows, when I have my own plans, but I end up in the middle of something because of obligation or pure feeling of responsibility.

I need to put my plans aside and start helping others. I like helping others, but moving your focus away from something that is important and challenging to you, to something that might be trivial to you, can be heavy. My brain needs challenge and load and undone work increases my stress.

People with strong feeling of responsibility, commitment and obligation become stressed easily. As leaders we should recognize these people and make sure they get opportunities to work with their own fulfillment. We need to arrange them more space, more time and more possibilities to do work that fits their skills and gives them satisfaction. When you have people working with tasks they like,  tasks they are skilled and tasks they have possibilities to develop you will get results beyond ordinary.

Right people in right places will do miracles. Forget roles and organizational boxes.


The question is : How do you know who are your key people?


Photo Credit Flickr theErin


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