This is the introduction to my productivity system. Let’s name it according to this blog. If the name of this blog is Better Productivity Blog – the name of the system is obviously Better Productivity System 😉 BPS.

Productivity does not need getting things done system or to do lists. Being productive is attitude and attitude is inside your head. Everything is up to you. There is NO system that would do complete turn around for you. There is no tool that will do miracles. If you are lazy, and you don’t get things done, there is NO miracle system that would change you.

The main difference between productive people and unproductive people is that productive people do things and unproductive do not.

The change needs to happen inside you and you need to understand why you want to get things done.

Understand why do you need productivity system

You need to understand why do you need productivity system. I believe something bothers you and you think that with productivity system you could get rid of that bothering. Perhaps you think that you are not achieving anything. You feel stress and you feel anxiety. You think that there are too many unfinished things.

Anyway I assume you want to change or you want to have change in your life? Otherwise you would not be reading this page anymore…

My goal is not to get more done. My goal is to have my to-do list empty as possible, so that I can feel better. Empty head gives you extra creativity and calmness. When you don’t have head full of things that need to be done, you can do more things that you really like – and I really like to do things. I like the feeling when I get  something finished.

So, either you need productivity system to:

1. Have more time in your life for other things, things you like more.
2. You want to have more money. If you finish more of your tasks, you might get more salary or money from your customers. (Lucky you!)
3. You think you can get rid of stress and anxiety if you get things done.
4. Or like me, you just want to have empty head, so that you can use your creativity to write, create web sites or just have the calmness and enjoy the casual days in life.

Understand why you don’t get things done

There are several reasons why you don’t get things done. You can have thousands of different excuses, but at the end there is only three reasons:

1. You wont start things
2. You wont do things
3. You wont finish things

That is it. How simple is that?

1. Starting things

The first step to get something done is to start it. It does not go any further if you add your tasks to to-do list and spend your time watching your list and thinking what to do next.


Productivity tools

You need at least pen and paper.

I use Evernote. Evernote is notepad in cloud, you can store everything with Evernote – text, pics, sound. Whatever you want. I just keep simple lists for my to-dos. Evernote is great since I can copy information related to tasks really easily – and best part is that it is available everywhere. My home pc, phone, work laptop and Ipad. Evernote is available even without network, which makes it perfect productivity tool and companion. Evernote is one of the apps that will change your life!

Don’t use post-its. You productivity system needs go with you and you need access to it anywhere at anytime. It is extremely difficult to take your post-its with you and keep them in order.

If you use paper – use notebook. Preferably really good notebook that you really like to bring with you and which you really like to open.


Remember that the goal of this system is to keep your out of worrying. If you feel anxiety, you are not following the system or the system does not work. You need to do adjustments or come back to your list and think what is wrong.

If something fails – it is you. You are lazy, sloppy and you have forgotten what you should do.

Priority of the tasks

I have covered how tasks will be prioritized in the system in my blog post How to prioritize tasks?

To be continued

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