Blogging every day is productivity challenge.

Blogging every day is productivity challenge.I have participated Ultimate blog challenge during April. The challenge is to write one blog post every day. You don’t need to write or post them every day, but you need to have 30 posts at the end of April. The challenge is hosted and arranged by Michele Scism and Michelle Shaeffer. Both bloggers and entrepreneurs.

For full-time blogger blogging every day is not a challenge. For me with 9-to-5 work, family and non-profit off duty responsibility it is a lot, but I have done well.

I did start with big excitement and I was able to write first weeks without problems. Some days I did even write two. I think best was three posts during one Sunday afternoon.

Producing text is quite easy, but when you start to edit it, it starts to take time.

There are still six days left in the challenge and I am four posts behind. If  I want to catch the challenge I need to write ten posts to catch the goal. Next weekend, like one week before, I am tied with my children’s hobbies and there is no spare time – but I don’t want to disappoint myself.

I am mostly writing in a train while commuting. There is plenty of time and I have an iPad. I even wrote a blog post while ago how to blog while commuting.

Challenge has been great. I have received many comments, Facebook likes and Twitter followers, but the most fun part has been the pressure created by myself to write every day. Writing and posting every day is a productivity challenge.

I like challenges. I am happy that I participated.


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