Blogging is impossible. Productivity tips for bloggers.

Blogging is impossible. Productivity tips for bloggers.I have blogged about three months and it has been fun. I truly enjoy it. I am as excited than I was when I started!

I have learned several new things and come to a face to face with the fact how difficult blogging really is.

Blogging is impossible.

If someone would ask me to describe blogging with one word, I would probably answer Impossible. It is almost impossible to get readers and page views, but if you continue blogging, page views and visitors slowly and slowly increase and the trend continues to be upwards. (I have seen that)

It would be easier to go to street and shout your message

If I would like to get my message through. It would be easier to go to street and shout it. I would catch more people.

I love learning. I have studied millions of articles about how to become successful blogger and trillions of articles about SEO. But nothing will happen if you wont do anything. Stop reading. Start doing.

Stop SEOing.

I have written articles SEO in mind to see how SEO works and it really works. I have been able to hit right keywords and raise my SERP results slowly but steadily during three months.. it gives fulfillment and serps and ranks are pretty clear metrics to follow – but the fact is that I enjoy more when I write for myself and for my readers – not for Google or Bing.

I am not millionaire like I wrote in my other blog. I have ads, but there is no income. I have plans for future, but being part time blogger the plans take time. Everything is possible, if you just increase actions and keep doing them.

I am not native English speaker or writer. I am really envious for bloggers like:

Johnny B Truant
Penelope Trunk
James Altucher

Their original style of writing is awesome and mine is in the process of finding the way.

..but I keep writing. Like James Altucher said. He did suck in writing, but he just kept going..

My productivity tips for new bloggers are:

1. Don’t stare your stats

Forget stats or Google webmaster tools. Metrics are fun, but they wont increase if you stare them.

I am blocking news sites with stayfocusd, but if you become obsessed by the stats. Block stats with leechblock or stayfocusd.

2. Don’t spend too much time on SEO

SEO is interesting, but at the end it is useless. If you are here to write, educate or whatever other reason than building traffic only. SEO is not the main thing. Write from your heart or write what you find interesting, but don’t spend too much time on SEO. Good posts will find their place or not, but the main thing is the content. When you have the good content, you can tune it with SEO practices.

More content you have, more page views you will get.

3. Perfect is enemy of done.

I spend too much time to find pictures to my posts, fine tuning the sentences and tuning the right titles and meta descriptions. Sometimes I think the post is too short to be posted and I wait inspiration to add more view points.

The fact is that unpublished post does not get readers. The fact is that unless you already have big reader base, your post wont have that much views in the beginning.

I decided to cut the crap and actually created “quick posts category”. It contains short posts that I feel good posting them.

My tip for the picture problem. Choose good default picture (or few) for your posts. Whenever you are finished with your post and get in to trouble finding or selecting the picture. Just pick some of the default ones. If you find later better one, be free to change it.

4. Don’t get lost in plugins and themes

As new blogger you are thrilled to see so many WordPress plugins and themes there are. Free ones, commercial, and other.

At least I did. There are not that many plugins that you really need for standard blog that is based on text content.

And the themes. How your blog looks is important, but it is not the main thing. Many of the highly popular blogs are ugly. I hope I am not alone with this opinion Blogging is impossible. Productivity tips for bloggers.

The content is king and if you write good stuff, your readers don’t really care which theme you use.

5. About page is not your only content

From the stats which I stare intensively Blogging is impossible. Productivity tips for bloggers. I have noticed that not that many people visit your about page. Before I realized that I was constantly tuning my about page to be perfect. (It is not perfect even today)

Focus on your content. That is the main thing in any blog. More content you have, more search hits you will get, more page views you will have.


Photo credit Flickr Robbert van der Steeg 

  • Shawn Snyder

    you gave some very good advice. Sounds like you have learned some lessons the hard way. We all do and believe me you will learn many more that is what keeps the thrill of blogging alive! Good job and hope you enjoy the UBC.

    • Rami Rantala

      Thank you. I like to learn my lessons the hard way ;-)

      I am sure I will enjoy the challenge. I hope I can handle it.

  • Lisa Stanton

    You got me right at the beginning. The SEO stuff always give me caution as I’m not even slightly interested in doing all that. And whenever I get caught up in STATS, I immediately feel inadequate and like blogging is a waste of time. This time, I’m blogging because I want to and mostly entertaining myself LOL Have fun w/UBC!

    • Rami Rantala

      I am quite technical person so SEO stuff fits in to that and is interesting for me.

      ..but I don’t think writing can ever be keywords – it must be something else.

      Thank you for your comment. I try my best with the challenge.

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