The company that offers golden handcuffs as benefit

You’ve a job with good benefits and pretty good salary. It feels comfortable, right? I had them too.

I’ve heard many times how people complain about their job.. and when I ask why don’t you change your job – the answer is that they don’t believe they would get same salary or benefits elsewhere.

Stop complaining. You’ve chosen golden handcuffs. Keep them and watch them shine.

When I changed my job, I had similar thoughts. My salary was good, benefits were reasonable.

Some of the benefits were rare – you won’t get them elsewhere.

..but I decided to go anyway.

If you want to develop your own value, your own expertise and your well-being – free drinks, free internet or company car won’t help you.

You need to do things, and have a proof that you’ve done great things.

When I got a new job, I lost most of the benefits and even lowered my salary.

Did I miss the benefits I had?

Yes – I did.

..but the value I got from new colleagues, new interesting stuff to do and learn and new things to see was so great that I would not change it to anything I had.

I was able to keep benefit of free internet connection – but I decided that I won’t take it.

Yes, it was money, but I thought it is again one piece in my golden handcuffs.

So, I paid the internet myself.

When I changed my job again – It was easy to do.


1. I had so much new experience that I could show in an interview.

I had gained so much value. My CV had many more lines, that were true. They were no bullshit, they were real experience.

2. It was easy to take a new job, because I had no benefits to lose.

Anything, I could gain was a plus. I didn’t lose anything.

3. My salary was lower than before – it was closer to the average on the market.

With my experience and lower salary I was a good deal for employer.

So – decide yourself. Do you want to work in a company that offers golden handcuffs as a benefit or do you want to work and build your experience and your real value as an employee.

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