Conflicts at work – You need them more than you know

conflict at workThere are people who search for conflicts and people who avoid them, but we all need conflicts at work.

Without conflicts, there is no change. Without disagreements there are no different paths to choose.

By nature we try to avoid conflicts. We tend to choose easy paths and stay where we are. We feel that it is easier to drift with the flow than to start to disagree.

That might be one of the reasons why companies become less innovative and less efficient when they grow.

When leaders hire new people, they easily choose people who think like them. They don’t want to get in to conflicts with people they have hired.

If there are no conflicts between people, nothing great will happen.

Conflicts prove that things are important and people care. If conflicts do not happen, things are just things and they are not important.

I avoid conflicts as well. Conflicts eat your energy and you will get tired. Instead of rushing in to all conflicts you should pick your fights.

Pick the fights you are willing to work and stand behind. Don’t go to conflicts every time you disagree. Pick only the most important ones and make your case.

Learn to give up. Sometimes it is better to give up than to insist to the end. If your side does not win, learn to act like an adult. If you were right at the end, don’t get fooled to say “I told you so“.

In right culture different opinions are appreciated. In right culture you should never be sorry for your opinions.


Photo Credit Flickr marfis75

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