I am always happy to receive feedback, offers and ideas. Don’t be afraid.

I am here to help, that is why I blog.

Contact me if …

  • You would like to advertise in my blog. I sell direct ads with affordable prices.
  • You would like to write a guest post for my blog. I am accepting guest posts, which are original and are related to my topics leadership, life and productivity.
  • You have a product or website, which you would like me to review or evaluate
  • You have a special offer for my readers
  • You would like me to speak in your event about productivity, leadership or blogging
  • You need help with your blog or you would like me to setup a blog for you
  • You have a problem with your blog and you need help to solve it (I won’t charge, if I won’t solve it)
  • You would like to use my experience. I have worked 16 years with different software tools, scripting, websites, software development and processes. I am sure I can offer my advises at least.

Thank you.


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