Daily Productivity Habit Form to help you to reach your goals

My previous post was about the decision to get rid of my to-do list completely.

It is not the list itself that is the target of my attack, rather everything that happens around the list and how we use the list to avoid the tasks that we don’t find that interesting.

For some of us the list becomes the reason for stress. Long list, that does not seem to get shorter no matter what, is stressful.

Like I wrote I don’t think the list helps you to reach your big goals. It is good reminder for daily tasks, but often the goals are completely forgotten and your focus is on your list only.

The problem with the standard to-do list is:

  • It is too long
  • It contains items that have been important when they were added, but they have lost the importance
  • It is so easy to move and keep items in the list and do the procrastination with it anyway
  • You pick the easiest tasks from the list first and it does not help you to reach your goals.

I hope you are better with your to-do list – but this is reality for me.

That is why I am developing my daily productivity habit.

Since we are in Better Productivity Blog, we can call it “Better Daily Productivity Habit” 😉

1. Write your long-term goals on top of paper.
2. Select two things that bother and stress you the most and write them.
3. Create a list of reminders of the things you won’t do today.
4. Write one thing you can do today to move closer to your goals.
5. When you reach your daily goal celebrate.
6. Socialize.
7. Prepare for the next day.

You can find more on those items from this post.

To support building my daily productivity habit I have created this PDF form.

It is meant to be printable so that you can print it every day and put it in front of your eyes.


Why to use paper on the days of great software and mobile devices?

Because all software tools have the problem that you need to go the tools and open them to see what’s up next. You goals won’t be in your eyes while you work. They are behind the other windows (browser and twitter 😉 or screen savers.

..but I am software professional. I am going to find the best possible software tool that would apply to this habit. If you have good suggestions I am all ears.

Now you have seen the form. Additional reading:

User guide for the form

How to handle incoming items?

  • amyyoungmiller

    Welcome back! I really love to make lists, but I agree that often they are just too long. I’m going to print off your form and I hope it helps me be more productive TODAY. Great post!

    • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala


      I am trying to get more focus with this form. Because with focus you will get more done and in shorter time.

      I hope it helps. I will develop it further based on your comments and my own experiences.

      Thanks for the comment!

  • sespring

    This is a great idea. I am going to print out this form and try it this week.

    • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala

      Thank you.

      I will soon publish “User Guide” for the form to explain precisely why I have added what I have added..

      Thanks for the comment!

  • 7sunita3

    I am a big fan of writing down my to do list.. like your plan :) :)

    • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala

      I am glad that you like it.

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