Did you know that you have extra benefit in your work?

Few days back I passed a guy who was drilling a street with jackhammer.

He looked very concentrated and hard-working.

 Did you know that you have extra benefit in your work?

The first thought was “That guy does not think how to be productive.” He just drills and when he has drilled a hole that is big enough. He is done.

I don’t think he is even stressed and he probably feels pretty good when he goes home.

Except his head is still shaking when he goes to sleep and his teeth will make funny noise.

Having productivity problems and motivational problems is a benefit.

Being able to complain at work is a benefit.

Everything is too easy, too free and too abstract to be measured exactly.

We really have a choice not to be productive. I am sure that guy with jackhammer would be fired if at the end of the day he has not been able to drill the hole to the pavement.


Did you know that you have extra benefit in your work?

I once ordered a tractor to do some digging in our backyard. It was really rainy day and because the driver was not careful enough the tractor got stuck before it even started to do any work. Few hours the driver tried to get the tractor moving and obviously did not get the job done.

Few weeks later I heard that the company fired the driver for that mistake. (Which is absolutely against all my beliefs.)

Next time you choose not to be productive and spend your day in Facebook. Appreciate it. Not all have that same choice.

We have a choice and that is a benefit.


Photo credit Flickr  Longhairbroad and nickallen



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