Do you have these 20 habits of highly productive people?

Do you have these 20 habits of highly productive people?I really like to work with people who move forward and do things.

When you get the change to work with high achievers, you will be surprised constantly by the results they do, but also at the effect on you.

You will achieve more only by working with highly productive people.

Best people I have worked with..

1. don’t over think
2. don’t aim for perfect
3. don’t use excuses
4. are able to contact people fast when required
5. start while others are planning
6. finish while others are still discussing
7. don’t stop until the work is done
8. are rarely in trouble.
9. don’t over communicate or explain
10. are not overwhelmed by the problems
11. expect that problems are part of life and work
12. don’t make problems before problems are problems
13. have high standards
14. are proud and want to be proud on what they do
15. know their value
16. take calculated risks
17. don’t fear failure
18. try their best
19. do small, but aim for high
20. let actions to speak for themselves

Did I miss something?


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