Do you know these five interesting startups from Finland?

Everyone knows Nokia. The famous mobile phone company that is struggling to survive. Most of the Finns believe that Nokia will survive and to show the support Finland has the biggest penetration of Windows phones in the World, which is the platform chosen by Nokia.

Finland has several other interesting companies. Some of them do not need any kind of explanations or descriptions they are already so famous, but it might come as surprise that they are from small country called Finland.

Game industry is growing fast in Finland, but there is a lot several other startups as well.

1. Rovio

Do you know these five interesting startups from Finland?Rovio does not need many words. Whole world knows Angry Birds.

Rovio has announced that it will be a bigger than Disney, which is a bold statement probably created for publicity, but the growth of the side products and the downloads has been huge.

Rovio has already licensed thousands of products, made their own animated TV-series and is already working to release Angry Birds movie.

One fun detail is that Angry Birds have joined with Star Wars in a game Angry Birds Star Wars. Star Wars is originally owned by the Lucasarts, which was acquired by Disney. The company Rovio wants to beat.

2. SuperCell

SuperCell might not tell you anything, but millions of people have played Clash of Clans.

Supercell made profit of over 100 million dollars in first three months of 2013. According to the investors of Index Ventures, who have funded also Dropbox, Path and even early phases of Facebook, say that it is something that has never happened before.

More interesting than the money is the management style of the SuperCell and the size of the company, which is about 100 people.

3. Valkee

Valkee manufactures bright light therapy devices that look like headphones. Devices are pocket-sized.

Valkee claims that the light injected through ears to brain reduces depression and makes you feel better. There is no exact scientific proof, but majority of the users of light claim to feel the difference and the company backs it up with research.

Valkee recently received 7.4 million Euro (9.8 million dollars) investment to develop further the technology and the products. least investors believe in the company.

4. Uniqul

Uniqul is developing payment system that does not need card, phone or anything else except your face.

The system will work with PayPal, major credit cards or Square account. The use of the system will cost you around 9$ Piloting will start soon in Helsinki.


5. Jolla

Jolla is new mobile phone company that continues the development of Meego Platform. Nokia was developing Meego platform and just before they announced switch to Microsoft, they published one smart phone on the platform, called N9.

Some think that N9 was the best smart phone ever made and that was the biggest mistake Nokia has made. I tend to agree, since I owned N9, which had huge potential as product.

Meego has now evolved to something more advanced called Sailfish.

It is interesting to see do they pull it through and do they make business out of it. Are they able to build app collection to support the phone. Currently the understanding is that Jolla phones can run Android apps, but do they have access to existing app stores is unclear.

There is a lot of excitement around the company though and their pre-orders have been sold-out.


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