Does your employer invest in your productivity?

What surprises me is that most companies do not really invest in personal productivity.

Factories try to produindividual_productivityce more and more, but when it comes to information workers there is rarely support from the employer to improve personal productivity.

During 16 years I have never received any training, info session, help, support, advises or anything that would support my productivity. It is up to each and everyone to set up their own systems and routines.

I don’t believe that someone should take the responsibility from you, but I find it peculiar that nobody has ever been interested about it or even tried to encourage to think or improve it.

You might say that maybe my productivity has always been in good shape and it does not need improvements. Might be so, but I have not seen anything on a company level either.

I have seen sessions about stress, eating right and even once about positive thinking, but personal working methods and productivity has been completely missing always.

I have participated all kind of company events aimed to improve my motivation and team spirit. Some of them have been mandatory to participate, but not even once to session that would improve or even encourage me to think productivity.

All companies have processes. Scrum, Kanban and lean methodologies are in use, but has anyone thought that the personal productivity is the base of productivity for whole company.


Productive companies are built on top of productive people.


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  • philippe99

    Working since ’89 in the same company, I started to evangelize the management to the benefits of collaborating since 6 years ago now. Except two or three colleagues who started to use Evernote and share notes, I never receive any support, no question, …
    No later than a month ago, at a start meeting for a project involving several developers from several countries, my boss said:
    “Phil, I thought to your latest speech about collaborating tools, GTD methodology and the other things. I think that in the project we could incorporate a mailing list for collaboration.”
    After watching him for a while (I was completely unable to say something), the only few words that came out of my mouth were:
    “Put me back in Cryoprison” (Silvers Stallone in Demolition Man)

    • Rami Rantala

      I know how you feel 😉 Changes take a lot of time and constant persuasion.

      Luckily good people try always to improve how they work, but I still find it odd that productivity in general is seldom supported or part of company culture.

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