Don’t pay bills, don’t take debt and get what you want

Steve Pavlina wrote a bit provocative post about not paying your bills.

He is right, kind of. If you lose all your money and go bankrupt. Nothing actually happens. Your life continues and you’ll find a way to continue your life. You’ll adapt. At least most of you.

leanwhatyouwantbut ..there are many entrepreneurs who can’t handle the shame, which not paying your bills is in this society. Because of that, they make drastic decisions or get sick. I’m sure they didn’t apply this negligent attitude to their business endeavors, right? If they had, not even the strongest of tax calculators and financial preparation could save them.

There are many who can’t pay apartment and they live on the street .. and it’s a lot more difficult go back from the the street to decent life than from apartment. It just is.

It’s not black and white. If all Steve Pavlinas readers and source of passive income, would stop paying bills. Steve would be in deep trouble. There wouldn’t be much readers, since they wouldn’t have the internet access to go and read his ramblings. And providers of passive income would just become richer by keeping the money.

It’s also question of right or wrong. If I’d have my business, which would be based on loaned money, and I’d loan from that money to Steve and he’d use it for his fame and successful business, without paying me anything back. Would I be happy that he didn’t pay his bill, while my own business would die to the fact that I’d pay my bills?

Whole economy is based on bills rather than cash, it would change a lot and would bring us back in time, if we would give up invoicing.

But, that was not his point. He tried to say, that concentrating too much on bills, makes us to take less risks and that way we don’t have success.  Being afraid of not being able to pay your bills, is too big fear against what it actually means. You are not going to die, if you are not able to pay your bills, like Steve wrote.

You could go on forever with this discussion.

But based on that. I believe you should not make a debt. At least not too much and not to support your beliefs of decent life. We all think that we need to live in a big house, we need to have decent car, perhaps two. And we think we need to have good looking floor and nicely painted walls. For sure, it’s cool and it feels nice for a some period of time.

Quality of life does not equal with the standard of life. You can have huge house, with diamonds in walls, but your quality of life can suck.

That is why I don’t think you should take big loan to get big new house, just because you think it somehow would improve quality of your life. No it does not. It improves the standard of your life.
You think like that because we are trained to believe that road to happiness is a new house or fancy apartment. .. and that is what everyone does.

Quality of life is completely different thing.

I listened radio show where some lady called. She was ex-top-management secretary, who earned quite a lot. She said that she did work 60-80 hours per week and sometimes did discuss about work matters with CEO whole night. She got burnout and recovered.

She decided that she is not going to go back to her old life and work.

Now she is delivering newspapers. She is kind of a paperboy. She said that it has been the happiest period of his life. She can choose the schedule of her work completely by herself. Of course, she earns almost nothing, compared to the previous high career job she had.

But her quality of life is much higher.

What is so bad in big loan?

You are married with the loan forever.

It is easy if you are alone. Just sell the apartment or house and pay the mortgage, but who does that?

If you have kids, you are married with your loans and your income. You won’t take risks. You don’t want to risk your income, because it is not only you that would have rough time, it is also your kids and family. You don’t want to take the risk.

Still, I don’t believe you need to take any risks to improve your quality of life.

You can start with small steps. You can start building your own life today, by setting big goals for the future and taking small steps EVERY day towards your goal. If you know what you want, you know what is your goal and then accept the fact that it will take time.

It will take time, but it will happen, if you do something to achieve your goal every day.

Learn what you want.
Know what you want.
Do what you want.
Get what you want.

What do you think?

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