Easiest way to live your life

lifeWhen I started blogging and tweeting I was worried “what people will think”

Then I did get back to my own thoughts.

It does not matter what others think.

I am not building picture of me that is NOT me.

Everything I tweet or blog is me. It is how I think, it is what I believe and it is what I do.

No fake.

In life easiest way to live your life is to be you. Always.

It is easy to forget and start to follow others, start to please others – but it will burn you out.

In my leadership position I am sometimes in situations where I start to think “should I do this as leader and what I should say” – but I always decide to be me first.

If your REAL you gets too much in to conflict with your employer. It is better to quit and find place where you can be you.

Small conflicts do not matter. My job as leader is to communicate the employers vision, goals, values and culture to the team.

But like I said – if your values and the values of the company are too much in conflict – you should quit. Living and working against your values is difficult, hard and it will haunt you.

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