Elephant Problem. Notes Missing from Evernote.

evernote_problemI had few days back scary moment with Evernote. I was commuting to work like every day and had planned to use the commuting time to write or at least draft new posts to this blog. I have written a post how to blog while commuting about that.

I use Evernote in my iPad when I am traveling. All my drafts, ideas for future blogs posts are stored in Evernote and my  to-do list is in Evernote.

I opened iPad and Evernote and it started to sync notebooks from the cloud and finished. To my surprise there were no notebooks or notes. Evernote was empty?!

I did press the sync button, sync started but nothing happened. Tried again and it got stuck syncing.

I did shutdown the app and started it again. No difference. I did check that I am logged in and did relogin, but no change either.

Then I did leave it. I was thinking that it is a problem with cloud service or something temporary. When I arrived to office, I did test it with my laptop and everything seemed to be fine.

Next day I tried with iPad, but there was no change. It just did not work.

Luckily Apple has provided us magnificent thing called iCloud.

I did remove Evernote and then just downloaded it back from iCloud. I did go to App Store – Purchased – Apps not in this iPad and pressed the cloud symbol.

..and I was back happily Evernoting.

This was first time ever I had any problems with Evernote. I have worked with software all my career and sometimes things just go wrong unexpectedly. So my trust for the big Elephant is still there.

However, even if the cloud was the great saviour and a problem in this case, it might be reasonable to think the “what if” scenarios.

Evernote has XML export and it is possible to “backup” your notes.

Might be a good idea. If one day the Elephant is not in the cloud anymore.


Photo credit Flickr David Blackwell


  • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala

    That is weird. Have you tried uninstalling it from iPad?

    • philippe99

      Yes, several times. Now, I only use EN on iPad just for viewing notes.

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