Evernote to do list – How I use Evernote

I am a big fan of Evernote. I use it every day for almost any writing purpose. I draft every single text first in Evernote and then copy and paste it to where I want it. I also have my Evernote to do list.

Most of the blog posts in this blog have started in Evernote. See how I write my productivity blog while commuting.

Evernote to do listItems I store in Evernote:

  • To do list  (actually I call it “Worry list”)
  • All notes
  • My blog ideas and drafts
  • Email drafts
  • Some of the computer commands I use in my work (I work with computers and software)

Why I use Evernote:

  • Evernote has really good and fast search
  • Evernote is in all devices I own
  • Evernote is FREE

Evernote has clients to most devices and it has web interface if you don’t happen to have client installed.  The search feature is efficient and fast. The extra bonus is capability to search text from images.

I am storing my warranty receipts in Evernote. Many people have moved completely to paperless office by utilizing Evernote compatible scanner and then quickly scanning all paper they receive and storing it to Evernote.  Like Jamie Rubin in http://www.jamierubin.net/going-paperless/

Evernote is free for common usage. Evernote allows you to transfer 60MB of notes per month for free. That is more than enough for text. If you  store images or scanned documents, you probably need to buy the premium account.

There is no official evernote to do list app. There are lots of rumours that Evernote would do their own, but so far it has not happened.

The list of Evernote syncing to do list apps is not long either.

Any to do  is proper to do list manager and it also supports seamless Evernote syncing. According to them you can organise your lists and tasks in Evernote and sync them back to app.  I have not tested myself. (Yet)

I don’t really need app. Having plain list in Evernote is so simple and for me more important than the app is to have my list everywhere.

Evernote to do list

I keep my to do a list in Evernote. I call my list as “Worry list”, since I prioritize my tasks through the most stressful tasks. Whatever task is causing me stress or worrying the most, I will always work that item first. It helps me to feel unstressed. Compared to any to do app, it is simple and easy and I can work with the to do list anywhere I want. You can have check boxes if you want, but I don’t think they are necessary.

I am building my work process here in “Better Productivity System”

Evernote can share Notebooks, even so that multiple persons can work with the same notebook.

Here is my shared “Worry list“.



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