Follow these 8 tips and Recruit Right

Follow these 8 tips and Recruit RightProductive organization is built on top of productive people. Recruiting is the key element in your company’s success. After all, it is the people  you hire, who make your products successful.

1. Hire more superior people than you are

If you want to learn something and grow, you need to hire better people than you are.

Best way to learn is to surround you with the people who can teach you something. I really like to be with people from who I can learn something. I bet most of us do.

2. Hire good people more than perfect matches for open positions

If you really want to build a company that will rise to the stars, hire the best people you can find, and then make sure they have free hands.

Don’t try to search people for positions. Try to find the best people from the market. Best people will always find a place in your organization.

It is not uncommon that managers let good people go, if the candidate is not perfect match for the open position.

When you have the diamond in your hands, don’t let him go.

If your open position is not perfect match for him. Don’t worry, the best people will find their place.

3. Hire attitude more than skills

I rather take one junior with the greatest attitude than two seniors with lousy attitude.

Good attitude makes things happen more than skills. Without attitude, you won’t serve, you won’t learn and you just don’t bring value for money.

4. Hire potential more than experience

Potential gives more energy.

People who have the growth potential and have possibilities to grow are more motivated.

5. Hire people that match your culture

You have already defined the culture, right? If you have not, then do it.

The fact is that it is more fun to work with people that share the same company culture and values. If the culture is to exceed all the time and improve every day, nothing destroys it more efficiently than person that does the bare minimum and never tries to improve.

6. Hire people that have the ability to finish things.

Finishing and getting things done is the biggest value employee can give to the company. Unfortunately, specially in software business, that talent is not always granted.

7. Don’t hire similar people than you

I have seen few times how someone has got a job because they play soccer, how they have similar family or they live in same neighbourhood. Seriously, that can’t be the reason for hire.

Then again, you can have similar work values, even though you are COMPLETELY different.

8. Don’t hire difficult people

I once read article, where writer claimed, that bad leaders are afraid of hire skilled and difficult people and they should hire also difficult ones.

I think it is wrong.

One difficult person can suck energy out of whole organization. He will definitely suck the energy out of your team like vampire. Save the energy for the good people and save also the energy of others.

Stay away from the difficult people – and I don’t mean people who have different opinions or who otherwise challenge you. Different opinions and challenging the status quo is great. Being difficult is another story.

If you have ever met or worked with difficult person, you know what I mean.

Even if you would get along with him well – your team or others in your company might not be that capable than you are.


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  • Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

    #9 hire slowly.
    #10 fire fast.

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