Free your mind – mind mapping with Mindmup

If you are a friend of Mindmaps or you need to create simple flowcharts – try Mindmup.

Mindmup is a browser-based cloud service. You can use it to create simple mind maps with ease.

I had need for a flowchart to describe simple idea. Instead of starting to use the standard tools, I googled a bit and found Mindmup.

Mindmup is easy, free and somehow makes me smile. After I found out that you can use Hotkeys while creating maps, it become even more of a breeze. The hotkeys are real gem. With space you can add new child and enter gives you a new sibling.

Try Mindmup

Save locally or to cloud

You can save the maps locally to your browser, to Mindmup cloud or to Google Drive.

If you need to export the maps, you can do it in several formats including png, freemind, html and text.

Mindmup offers few extensions which are not enabled by default. You can enable or disable extensions easily from the menu.

Google Drive collaboration and progress extension

The most interesting extension is collaboration through Google Drive where you can edit same map live with your friends.

There is also progress extension, which adds “task management” to your mind mup. You can set status for childs like “Done, in progress” etc. If you close the parent, it will automatically close the children.

Perhaps you could use it with collaboration extension. If you have distributed team and you would need to work together for some work. Perhaps that is one way to see the progress in different locations?

Mindmup is perfect tool for my needs.

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