Get a Life by Nicholas Bate

Get a Life by Nicholas BateGet a Life by Nicholas BateI recently read “Get A Life. Setting your ‘life compass’ for success” by Nicholas Bate

The book has the main idea of defining “life compass” for all areas of your life. Life compass shortly means, that you need to keep everything in your life in balance. Relationships, career, mind and body. If you walk too long to one direction, the other directions in compass will suffer.

“Get A life” is a true handbook of improving your life and finding the balance. It gives good examples and recommends other authors if you want to find more information on topics covered. It is complete guide for life-improvement, no matter what is the problem area in your life.

The book is not new, but the problems in life seem to be same after ten years. Perhaps even stronger.

I think I will keep the book in shelf to check the views on specific things later.

You can find the book from Amazon

Nicholas Bate has the background from sales in IT industry and he has worked with several big companies including Microsoft and Sun. He arranges seminars on “Personal Excellence” and is keynote speaker.

He has published several books in different categories. You can find links to his books from his website.

Nicholas has definitely his own style, which is visible in his blog. He shares ideas, writing, great ideas from others and drawings. Yes, he has warm style of making illustrations of different business related things.

Check it out. At least I like to read his posts. I smile often when I read them.

Here is one of the most popular posts: 101 life tips



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