Hate Ideas and Love Execution

idea executionWhen companies are in planning phase, there is a lot of discussion and a lot of debate. New ideas are coming up and everyone seems to know what is the most important thing for the company.

There is a lot of energy.

.. but all that energy does not necessarily channel to the right things and does not bring success.


I feel that many of us have lost what working in a company should mean.

It’s not you or it’s not about me or do we get along.

It’s not even we.

It’s not any kind of power game, who is on top, and who gets to do what they want. It’s not even aligning.

It’s something bigger and it’s the company and its business. ..and it’s all that matters in that context.


I’ve a good place in my current job. I’m a bit disconnected about everything. Don’t get me wrong. I really care about the company I work for.

I mean that I have managed to stay away many of the meetings, boards and steering groups. I have no high position, but I’m listened. That gives me the possibility to be an observer and see things differently and influence.

I don’t know what ideas work or not – but I spot time not that well spent. It’s fun to have ideas. It’s fun to visualise and paint visions, but it brings zero results … until they are in use.

It’s easy to collect ideas. It’s easy to have high fly visions, but it’s damn difficult to execute and get them done.

That’s why I try always put all effort on execution. I don’t aim for perfect. I aim that I have something tangible, that can be used and sold. You will see if it works when it’s in use.

And I love this quote from Derek Sivers blog post about ideas and execution.

That’s why I don’t want to hear people’s ideas. I’m not interested until I see their execution. — Derek Sivers

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