Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?

If you are productivity app addict you have already tried most of the to-do apps.

However, there are other perhaps bit unusual apps for boosting your productivity or helping you to reach your goals.

I have picked four for this post.


Say & Go is a to-do app with voice recording. I have covered it with a separate post here.



(http://www.unstuck.com/) (only iPad)

Unstuck is an application that is meant for helping you to get unstuck (surprise!).

It does not matter where you are stuck: life, career, project or your tasks. Unstuck asks you a questions, makes you to do different kind of exercises and tries to help you to find tools for you to get unstuck.

Unstuck is beautifully designed iPad app and something completely different. If it helps you to get unstuck remains to be seen, but at least it gives you new approach to your “stuck problem”

Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?



Coffitivity is available only in a browser. Coffitivity plays ambient coffee shop sounds in background.

I write often in Coffee shop. I have never though the background sound would be the thing for me.

I tried using it for a day and I must admit that the coffee shop sound stays in the background. I don’t yet know if it helps me to be more productive, creative or if it helps you to concentrate, but at least it did not distract me.

Coffitivity web page offers link to a research backed data that ambient noise would boost creativity.

I guess it depends on the person, but it is free and quick to try at least.

I hope they enhance the product to different kind of ambient noises. How about commuting train?

Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?

30/30 app


30/30 is a good-looking list application with Timer.

Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?

The name of the app 30/30 comes from the workflow they offer. You work for 30 minutes without interruptions and then keep a break of 30 minutes.

For Pomodoro method users it is an option to be used instead of Pomodoro timers. You can adjust the timer and set it for different times as well.

I like the looks and usage of the app very much. You can easily with gestures move the items in your list up, down, delete or mark done.

I did find this app through testimony in Reddit. Some Reddit user had found new productivity through this app and was praising the method and the app for others.

I tried to use the app for one week in the office, but often did find myself interrupted and the timer was still running. I will give it another change later when working from home with my adaptation from Pomodoro method.

  • Michelle Bruner

    The Unstuck App and 30/30 app are ones I’m DEFINITELY going to try. They can’t hurt, right?! ;)

    • http://betterproductivityblog.com/ Rami Rantala

      Hi Michelle,

      Both are definitely worth a try. Both are free as well.

      Thanks for your comment ;-)

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