Heroes, Exceptional Organizations, Ideas and Creativity, Feel Better and be Productive

Heroes, Exceptional Organizations, Ideas and Creativity, Feel Better and be ProductiveWelcome to this post. I appreciate that you took time to click headline and start reading this. I hope you have browsed other posts in my blog.

I am Rami and I have almost 20 years of experience from software companies. I have always been involved with improvements. I have been in position where I am able to do improvements how people work through tools, processes, instructions or several other ways.

I have made things better, faster, easier and automated.

My life is full. I have four active daughters, my daily work and position in non-profit organization.

I don’t feel busy and stressed because I have started to take actions and control of my life, my work and of my own well being. When you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you have a way to start improving yourself.

In this post I list some of my passions. This blog is all about them. I don’t write anything that I am not interested in. Everything I write is ME. I believe every word and I mean it. I write because I hope it will help YOU as well.

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Organizational heroes

I have worked with amazing people. When you work with superheroes, you realize that they are the key for success in any company.

You need to have organizational heroes, you need to recognize them and you need to build possibilities for them to succeed while paying them fairly.

Money is not only thing, not amusements or benefits. The real heroes are there to get job done and to get things right. They are on your side.

I am always protecting the heroes in any organization. I feel so good when I see them and can work with them!

Example of post in this topic:


Exceptional organizations

I think most of the organizations suck. They are successful or doing pretty good, but they could be a lot more successful than they are.

Most companies do fairly well because they happen to be in business that generates them money. They are in a right place, right market and they can get decent share with average work. Average work is not option for me. If you don’t aim higher than average you are already heading towards the destruction.

The problem in organizations is that their models are built to serve the organization. Hierarchies, boundaries, managers, gatekeepers and everything is in place for the organization. They are rarely in place to protect or serve the business, customers or employees. They are there to protect the organization. To keep organization working and a live.

Highly tuned machine does not produce anything new. It is like paper industry. Paper machine will produce fine grade paper to the end of its life, but when customers start to use ebooks and ipads, paper machine wont produce them. It is slowly shut down and nothing replaces it.

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Ideas and creativity

I love ideas. Crazier they are more I like them. Most companies have no way to manage ideas. In most companies it is almost impossible to get ideas through, even the smallest ones and there is NO way to catch ideas that are coming from bottom to up in organization.

I have a way, which I am going to present in this blog later.

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Reducing stress and feeling better

Few years back I realized how stress is my enemy. Stress was the thing why I was not feeling well. I also noticed that I was stressed about matters I liked. Things I loved doing and I was good, caused me stress as well.

Stress is useful and I need stress. Stress avoidance is not the key. The key is to make actions to get rid of the stress when it occurs.

The keys is to do the tasks, projects and work that causes you the stress and move it away from your shoulders. The key is to be aware of stress and constantly work so that it does not become too overwhelming.

Few examples in this topic:


I am fan of personal productivity and also organizational productivity. Feeling of done is the best feeling you can achieve. More you do, more you finish, better you feel and you become more confident.

Productivity is a tool to reach your goals and feel better.

This blog is full of productivity tips. Here are few examples:


Like I said. These are my passions. This blog is only about my passions. Nothing else. Everything I write is what I believe and I write it because I think I can help YOU as well.


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