How HR Systems Help With Productivity

This is a collaborative post from Barry Chignell.

For many businesses, looking after their workforce is time consuming. However, it is very important for a company to take care of their staff.

Without a good workforce, your firm would be lost. One of the biggest assets a company has is its personnel.

Finding and recruiting good people takes a lot of time and effort, so once you have good workers it is important to look after them properly and retain them. HR systems can really help you with this. Here is how:

Makes sure that everyone is paid on time and in full

The most obvious use for a HR system is to make sure that the payroll is handled correctly. Paying people on time keeps them happy. As you know how happy staff members are has a direct impact on how productive they are.

A good payroll system can also accommodate and track bonus schemes. Paying people more when they are more productive is one of the simplest ways to increase the amount each staff member produces.

Better recruitment

A good HR system can make your recruitment process more efficient and help you to find the people you need faster.

Managing training

One of the best ways to make your workforce more productive is to make sure that they are well trained. Doing this helps people to work at a faster pace and produce more, but it is also important for staff retention.

Workers who are regularly offered the chance to upgrade their qualifications and learn new skills are far more satisfied than those who are just left to get on with work. They feel valued and studies show that people who feel their employers appreciate them are more likely to stay with a company.

This improves productivity in two main ways. Satisfied and happy staff work harder and are more conscientious which means that they produce more.

It also helps with retention. People who feel that they can progress within their current company are more likely to stay with that firm. This means a lower rate of staff turnover.

That translates into a more productive team. When a workforce is in a constant state of flux, they are not as efficient. This is because established members of your team end up wasting a lot of time when they have to train new staff on a constant basis. No matter how well qualified a person is it always takes a while for them to settle into a new work environment, get used to the way your firm works and become fully productive.

Keeps you within the law

The last thing any firm needs to be prosecuted or fined for not complying with health and safety or employment law. A good HR system keeps track of things like health and safety training and accreditations. Provided you keep the database up to date, you will be warned when it is time to retrain someone. Using a HR system to keep track of these things also makes it easy to prove due diligence if an accident should occur, which can shorten any investigation by the authorities that would otherwise swallow up a lot of time and resources.

These are just a few examples of how equipping your HR team with good quality software can help your company to be more successful.

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