How to avoid stress? This is how I do it.

best-momentsI want to share with you one great moment of my week.

I know. You should not blog about yourself. For reader engagement the most important word is you.. But I am sharing this to prove that the things I do and believe are really working and appreciated.

Like I have said : “Life is small things, moments and actions that are everywhere. You need to find them!”

You need to find the good and best moments from your life.

Life is small things, moments and actions that are everywhere. You need to find them!


How to avoid stress?

My nine-year old daughter started to tell me that she had lost her fipple flute. She needs the flute in music class and she does not know where it is. She was crying that if she tells it to my wife – my wife will be upset.

I was so happy. Few years back I would have been the hot head of the family and I would have been angry if something is lost. Even ridiculously small item like flute.. It was because of the stress I had elsewhere and the fact that I was not able to put things in order. Now I can.

To tell how I have reached that state of mind is a too big to be told in one blog post, but..I have posted many times about stress and related things.

1. Understand what is important. the main thing in my life is to learn to know yourself and constantly work the items away that cause you the stress. I weigh things a lot and put them in order. What is really important? Asking what is the worst thing that happens if something is undone or fails? – can help you to put things to right priority and makes you to feel better.

2. Work the most worrying things first. I work the most worrying things first. It frees your mind. You need to recognize what troubles you the most. It does not matter if it is work or home, but you need to take care of it immediately.

3. Stay in the moment. I always try to focus on the moment. Even if it is just talking to my kids, watching TV or discussing with my wife. I try to be present as much as possible and stay in the moment. When you do that, your mind rests and you will get more out whatever you are doing.

4. Take care of the root causes. I don’t believe at all to exercising, breathing deeply, meditation or anything similar. I don’t think they are waste of time or bad at all. They make you feel better, but they are not the solution. They might cut the feeling of the stress, but they wont cure it. If you exercise, you will be stressed person who is fit.

You need to take care of the root causes. You need to solve the knots that cause you the stress one way or another.

When you’ve no issues or worries in your head. You will feel great.


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  • Judy Caroll

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