How to build Daily Productivity Habits?

How to build Daily Productivity Habits?Habits are difficult. Specially productivity habits.

When I created Daily productivity habit form, I wanted it to be clear and simple so that using it would not get in the way of building your habit.

You can have any tools, to-do lists or even my DPH form, but where you will fail is a habit.

You won’t build a habit easily to log in to your project or productivity system. You won’t build a habit to take your mobile device and browse your lists in any otherwise excellent tool.

That is why I prefer to have paper formatted form in front of my eyes, so that it is more difficult to break the habit.

According to the research It takes 66 days to build a habit with range of 18-254 days!

Building a habit always requires willpower. Without the will you won’t build good habit or break bad habits.

Why we suck so badly with good habits and are dragged so easily to BAD habits?

* Because we aim too high
* Because we try to build too big habits

How do you avoid it?

Don’t aim high. Build small habits that take short time first.

Bad habits are usually quick ones. Smoking, biting your nails or eating chocolate. It does not take 30 minutes or not even 10. Habits are easier to build if they are not long-lasting.

That is why exercising is so difficult to start. Proper exercising takes time.

People aim too high and take too big chunks.

That is why everything needs to be small and simple. That is one of the reason why I did start to design the Daily Productivity Habit form – to find a solution to breaking habits!

You could even start using the form in pieces. Just fill and revisit the goals every day, when it becomes habit, add NOT-to-do list later and a bit by bit extend your DPH (Daily Productivity Habit)

When you have built your habit, you can extend it or build new one.

Never try to build several habits at once.

What do you think? Have you been successful in creating GOOD habits?

  • amyyoungmiller

    “Never try to build several habits at once.” Maybe that’s my problem? Or one of them . . . great post, Rami!

    • Rami Rantala

      Thank you. You are always kind!

  • Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

    Mind wandering must be stopped and it seems that the only method that humanity came up with so far is formal meditation.

    Start with three to five minutes, twice a day – when you wake and before retiring to bed. Every few weeks add a minute. Don’t be greedy and don’t hurry. Here’s a good starting point:

    I like zazen because it’s the purest and most minimalistic form of meditation, IMHO. In fact zazen is the only form of Zen practice. No extras.

    If Zen esthetics doesn’t appeal to your cluttered Western mind you can always look up another kind of a mediation class in your area.

    Meditation to mind control (and habit forming) is what calisthenics is to any sport. A necessity.

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