How to have normal and extraordinary life

“You are so different and that is why we like you!”, my co-worker said to me.

It was a compliment. Probably a big one. And it almost felt like it.

..How to have extraordinary life

All your life you have tried to be a normal. You try to teach your kids to behave and be normal. You don’t want to stand out from the crowd, because that is not normal.

You are afraid to draw something different in schools art class because that is not what teacher told you and if you don’t obey, teacher will complain and your friends will ask why you did do that?

You settle for average and at the end it kills your passion for drawing.


My daughter is passionate for her sports like I wrote in this post (How she defeated me in productivity).

One evening she said, “Probably everyone in our class thinks I am weird”.

“Why is that”, I did ask.

“Because, I am not hanging in the city, I am always training, I am not smoking or using snuff or talking about boys.”

(She is 13 and several of her classmates smoke or use snuff!)

I answered, “You will have plenty of time in your life to talk about boys and start smoking. If you do what you love and what you are good at, never be shamed or think you are weird. You should be proud if you don’t go with the crowd”.

“Would you like to be like them”, I asked.

“No”, she answered.


Most of us have normal lives as expected.

We go to school, we study, we find girlfriend, buy dog with her, buy apartment, have kids, buy house, buy another dog and a second car.

You do what is thought to be reasonable and safe. What you are expected to do.

That’s a normal decent life and there is nothing wrong with it!

World would be better place if everyone would have normal life. If you have four kids and mortgage you just don’t have time and energy to go to war and kill people. You try to get food and money for your mortgage.

After all, you can be really happy living safe life and you will be, no doubt.

..but for many of us that kind of life also leaves lot of stuff undone, unfound and undiscovered. You need to play safe all your life and live the goals of the others to feed your kids and pay for the house. You think, you don’t have time or possibility to do what you want and you stay safe.


Normal life does not really prevent you to do whatever you want. It is more in your head, you are scared and it is easier to play safe, do the dishes and clean the floor that really go after the things you really would like to do. It is an excuse that you will accept for yourself.

You can have both normal and extraordinary life.

Find out what you want, make clear goals and start working towards your goals.



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