How to have perfect vacation

How to have perfect vacation
I did travel to Turkey last week with whole family to have sunny holiday. (Turkey is the country that needs to be written with capital T, otherwise it is well-known bird). Turkey is really beautiful country with kind people who are proud of their country.

I have hard time to “relax” and have vacation, since I am usually doing something. I am not really beach person, but this time I enjoyed the vacation and I learned a lot and got new ideas.

I might write something, even productivity related, later on.

Since I am already in vacation mood. Here is a list to help you to get most of your vacation.

I googled a bit and found other instructions how to have perfect vacation traveling. Usually the instructions tell you to plan, research and pack well. They all are important instructions, but I found other things more important.

Here is my list for perfect vacation.

1. Disconnect

I was completely disconnected from my daily routines. I did not use internet for whole week. No Facebook, No twitter, no blogging and I did not try to catch any news.


2. Stay in the moment

This instruction is always valid. Whatever you do, stay in the current moment. Take everything in and be there. Don’t try to think anything in the future or in the past. Stay in the moment.


3. Don’t overpack

Less stuff you have with you, less you need to worry about your belongings. Take only the mandatory clothes and only the bare minimum you will need. It is vacation, you don’t need everything you need at home. You survive with less.


4. Live with the culture

Don’t expect everything be like at home. Don’t expect everything to work as well or same way than it works in your home town. ..and when something does not work, don’t get upset.


5. Don’t overplan

Most instructions tell you to plan, research and schedule beforehand what you will do in your vacation. What places you will visit – but I instruct you not to overplan or make any schedules.

It does not do any harm to find out some interesting places beforehand, but don’t stress yourself with schedule.


6. You don’t need to see everything

Most tourists visit Eiffel tower in Paris or Big Ben in London, but you don’t have to.

You don’t need to see all the famous sights or tourist attractions. Enjoy what you see. I find it interesting to see normal life of local people and ordinary buildings. Whatever is different that I am use to seeing at home.

Behind our hotel was taxi stand. I did spent many evenings just watching the taxi drivers waiting to get customers.


7. Don’t worry so much about eating

This is not so valid with adults, but the kids might be the problem.

When you have kids with you, the food is always the problem. (at least in our family). My kids are extremely picky about the food.

When you are traveling don’t stress about it. Let them eat what they eat. They will survive with chips or French fries whole week without problems.


..and enjoy your vacation 😉

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