How to make a presentation that shines? 6 things you should NOT do.

Do you feel nervous if you need to speak publicly? Would you like to learn how to make a presentation that shines? I can help you a bit.

I had my moment last Monday. I was invited to talk about gamification to the highest management of the company including CEO. I am developing idea of gamification for the development work.

I have become relatively good with my presentations and public speaking. I receive excellent feedback and I like speaking publicly. I am always nervous, but when I start to speak it goes away. Afterwards it feels extremely good.

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I want to share you six things you should never do in a presentation. They are very obvious, but many of us will still do them.

How to make a presentation that shines? 6 things you should NOT do.

1. Don’t be sorry of anything.

Never be sorry about anything when you present. Don’t point any problems or mistakes you have. Most people wont notice anyway.

“I am sorry, I have not been able to prepare my presentation.”

Never say that you are not well prepared. Always prepare your presentation. If accident happens, and you have not prepared, do not mention it. You are neglecting your listeners and yourself.

“I am sorry. I am not very fluent in English”

Don’t be sorry. Believe in what you speak. Your message will come through even if your language is not perfect.

2. Don’t go to the smallest details.

Most listeners cannot understand details or they don’t have enough time to process them during the presentation. If for some reason they are not interested in your message, details will turn them away.

You can have detailed material with you. If someone is asking the details, you can talk with him after the presentation.

3. Don’t read your slides

Best speakers don’t use text in slides. Only keywords, pictures and topics. If you have the text. Try not to read it.

If you think that your presentation material brings value to the audience after the presentation, prepare separate material for them, which you can hand them or send them later.

4. Don’t do presentations without message

Presentation without message is not presentation. Going through slides does not construct presentation. Every presentation must have message or story you are trying to tell to your listeners.

What it is that you want to tell your listeners? What is it that they have come to listen? What is the message you want to give, which they could not get just by reading your slides?

5. Don’t play down your presentation

Bragging is not nice, but I rather listen bragging than playing down your presentation or things you are presenting. You are the star and what you present is the thing why they are there.

6. Don’t be worried about inexperience or if you are nervous.

That is only human. If someone thinks it is bad, let them think so. Don’t mention if you are nervous. We all are and that is not the point or the message you are presenting.

Many people do not even come to the stage.

Shortly. Be well prepared. Be confident. Be who you are. These are they keys for public speaking and good presentations.

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