How to write one or two posts every single day

how to write blog post every single dayI have participated Ultimate Blog Challenge in July. In UBC challenge your goal is to write one blog post every day.

You don’t need to write them daily. You can write them before and schedule them, or if you miss days, you can write more posts on other day.

This time I was hesitating to take part since I knew I will be away for one week. I would not be able to write every day, but I like challenges, I decided to try.

Writing a blog posts every day is a challenge if blogging is not your daily job.

To me the biggest problem was the one week trip away from internet, computer and iPad, but on a brighter side I was having my summer vacation away from my work, so I had free schedule. I could write when it fitted my other activities in life.

When I came back from travelling I was 10 posts behind and of course every day I needed to write something new as well. It did look hopeless, but I decided to beat this challenge.

I estimated that if I write two posts every day I would have plenty of time to catch the posts before the challenge ends. It sounds easy, but it was not.

I had days when I was able to write two posts, but then again I had days when I was not able to write posts at all.

Few hints how I was able to write 1-2 posts every day.

1. Be always ready to write your ideas

I have a notebook in Evernote for my blog ideas and drafts. I have 300-400 notes there. Some are just sentences, some are posts waiting for editing, some are titles and some links to other blogs posts that I could use as starting points.

I am recording my ideas constantly. Some of them will never appear in this blog and I cut them later on, but some will grow to posts.

2. Take pictures

It takes a lot of time to find good pictures to your blog posts. If you take your pictures yourself, it will be a lot faster. You pick the photos from your computer and upload them to WordPress. No worries, about photo credits or licenses. They are your own pictures.

3. Use Evernote or similar tool

Without Evernote drafting posts would not be that easy. With Evernote I can write when I have ideas in my head. I have written many of my blogs posts with iPhone. When I feel writing, I just write and I don’t care spelling or typing mistakes. It is important to capture the idea.

4. Create post calendar

In this challenge I did create calendar which I used to keep track of how many posts I have written and how many I need to write. In this calendar I did mark which days I have managed to fill and which days I steel need to fill.

I did keep the “posts behind” count on top of the calendar, so that I knew how many posts I need to catch.
Ideas are not the problem for me, not writing the post either, but editing takes a lot of time. I can write post in 20 minutes, but when I start to edit and fine tune the language, it can take hours.


So far so good, after this post I have only one post left!


Photo credit Flickr Joseph Nicolia

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