I am an Intrapreneur

I found this post from talentculture.com this week. I don’t know if it is first time ever word Intrapreneur is used, but I am already in love with the word.

Intrapreneur is pretty much what I believe in and what kind of attitude I have tried to adopt in my work. I just did not know, how I could name myself.

If things are not how I would like them to be, I try my best to change them.

Instead of starting to suffer and feel suffocated in corporate life where everything sucks, think your employer as your customer. You are selling your expertise and consultation to others in a corporate life.

Be intraprepreneur.

  • http://blog.relenta.com/ Dmitri Eroshenko @Relenta

    There’s always a way to reframe your situation. Usually – or at least often – your attitude is the only thing you can change. I love this “intrapreneur” idea. You’re either that or what Seth Godin calls sheepwalker. Your call!

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