I did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days!

successI did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days!

Like I wrote in this post, I did take part UBC and tested my strengths and capabilities.


What I have learned:


  1. If I would do this full-time. It would be easy to write two blog posts per day
  2. More you write, more ideas you will get and you will learn to do it faster
  3. I need to improve my language and writing
  4. More content you have, more traffic you will get

Where I am going with this blog:

  1. I am more and more committed to make this blog successful
  2. I will move this blog to the direction where it is more educational and more entertaining.
  3. I will concentrate more tightly to three topics: leadership, productivity and life.

What WE have achieved so far:

The numbers are still modest, BUT:

  1. The traffic has increased every month last six months.
  2. July is the best month so far and the traffic increased a lot from June
  3. I have started to use Twitter and my follower count is raising.


Thank you my readers and visitors! If you are not following me in Twitter. Do it now 😉

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